Rutegang Agricycling is a farming and recycling enterprise that primary produces vegetables and herbs. We are located in Soweto leasing three premises from the community. We currently use these facilities to produce a variety of vegetables and herbs.


Rutegang Agricycling is structured towards integrating disadvantaged youths into agri-economy. Our core goals and objectives is to practice both urban and open field agriculture through the identification of unused local lands.


Our Mission


To use agricycling as a vehicle for poverty alleviation and job creation whilst reducing waste that goes to landfills


Our Services:


Vegetable Gardens


  • We turn dump sites into vegetable gardens producing a variety of vegetables which include herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, butternut and pumpkin, green beans, cabbage, swiss chard.

Waste Management


  • We collect, sort and recycle aluminium cans, white paper, boxes, plastic, glass bottles, milk and juice containers.



  • Young Farmers Award Winners 2015
  • Nestle Community Nutrition Winners 2015